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Michael Pollan recounts how psychedelic drugs can transform lives.


In the 1940s, when LSD was discovered, researchers, scientists and doctors believed that society was preparing for an imminent revolution in the field of psychology. The hallucinogenic substance would have the potential to reveal the mysteries of the unconscious, as well as offer advances in the treatment of mental illness. A few decades later, LSD became popular as a recreational drug, but the intense repression of the counterculture movement caused research on the substance to be suspended.


After delving into the social history of food in his previous works, journalist Michael Pollan sets out to seek an in-depth understanding of the human psyche and how psychedelic substances could aid medical treatments.  how to change your mind  tells the story of the renaissance of research on these compounds after years of restraint and oblivion. Pollan devoted himself to various experiments with hallucinogens and noted that they could also improve the lives of healthy people.


In an impressive journey of both a scientific and personal nature, Pollan delves into the most diverse states of consciousness and presents the progress that these substances bring to the latest neuroscience studies, revealing that the therapeutic benefits of psychedelic substances are inseparable from the experiences of transcendence provided. For them.

Book: How to Change Your Mind - Michael Pollan

    • Publishing company :  intrinsic; 1st edition (9 November 2018)
    • Language:  Portuguese
    • Common cover:  480 pages
    • Dimensions:  22.8 x 15.6 x 2.6 cm
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