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Among the fragments of occult knowledge possessed by the world are the Hermetic Precepts, collected in this book and attributed to the immortal Egyptian Teacher known to the Greeks as Hermes Trismegistus, the "Three Times Great."

Considered in his time the Messenger of the Gods, he lived under the prosperous signs of the divine dynasties, imprinted the indelible seal of spiritual life on his great people, and implanted the occult sacred tradition, the holy rituals, the glorious mysteries and, according to the Greeks, , bequeathed us the treasure of 42 Holy Books, including the famous Book of the Dead, originally titled the Book of the Exit of Light.

He also founded the Schools of Wisdom attached to the Major Sanctuaries, where medicine, astronomy, astrology, botany, agriculture, geology, natural sciences, mathematics, music, architecture, sculpture, painting and political science were taught. The Science today called Hermetics is still alive, and this book brings together, for the reflection of scholars, some of its fundamental precepts, whose consistency has been proven over the centuries.

The Kybalion: Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece

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