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100% natural Peruvian sacred wood incense.


Palo Santo (Sacred Wood) has a long tradition of use in South America, recognized by healers for its medicinal properties. Its smoke has pacifying and comforting properties, it carries a strong energy of healing and purification.


This plant is present in the flora that goes from the Andes region, starting in Argentina to Central America in Mexico.
Most commonly, its wood is used as incense, but the entire plant has medicinal properties. The trunk of Palo Santo naturally develops essential oils, this incense being 100% natural.

Its benefits are diverse, such as:
Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, delays aging, is anti-depressant, repellent, assists in the respiratory system, anti-oxidant, stimulates creativity, has a calming/sedative action, relieves stress and reduces anxiety, can be used during therapeutic massages relieving joint and muscle pain, eliminates headaches and common cold symptoms, reduces sore throat, asthma and allergies.

Peruvian Palo Santo

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PriceFrom R$13.99
10 Grams
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