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Hermetically sealed pots are those that perfectly prevent the entry and exit of air. Its great differential is the sealing of the lid, which has a rubber layer that blocks the passage of air from the environment into the container. 

Silica Gel Desiccant has no adverse or harmful effect on the environment. As it is a totally non-toxic and chemically inert synthetic product, its disposal can be done as common waste, without any risk of contamination to the soil or subsoil. Accidental ingestion of the product demonstrates total tolerance and inertness of the human and animal organism to the presence of Silica Gel.

17cm Hermetic Pot + Silica Gel Desiccant

SKU: LARptg17
R$60.00 Regular Price
R$33.00Sale Price
  • They prevent the development of microorganisms, responsible for degrading food, and the emergence of insects such as weevils;

    They are easily found transparent, making it possible to see the food without having to open the container;

    They increase food durability and maintain texture and flavor for much longer, including benefiting nutrient retention;

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