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In Psiconautas, the result of extensive research, Marcelo Leite tells the story of the main psychedelic drugs, from their discovery in the 20th century to the revolutionary medicinal use that is being made of each one of them today. Combining reports of his own experience with several of these substances to the profile of the main researchers in the area, many of them Brazilians, Leite offers a complete overview of the so-called psychedelic renaissance, dispels myths and points to scientific achievements that were unthinkable until recently, such as treatment for chemical dependence, depression and post-traumatic stress syndrome, among other benefits still being researched. The book was prefaced by Sidarta Ribeiro who, along with Luís Fernando Tófoli, Stevens "Bitty" Rehen and Dráulio de Araújo, make up the group of Brazilian psychonauts who guided Marcelo on his explorations.


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